Subcarrier Communications

Founded in 1986, Subcarrier is a leading telecommunications wireless infrastructure solutions corporation in North America. Subcarrier specializes  in  the  ownership, management,  leasing  and development  of  high-performance telecommunications  towers  and  antennas  used  for  wireless communications.  

Subcarrier’s  services  include  site  leasing,  acquisition,  site  audits,  tower  construction,  antenna installation,  subsequent  augmentations, and  maintenance.

Subcarrier  leases  antenna  space  to  wireless  service  providers,  radio  and  television  broadcast companies,  military,  government  agencies  and  diverse    institutions requiring  advanced telecommunications  needs.


Print, Digital & Web


Subcarrier Communications




  • Improve aesthetic aspects of existing sales/marketing materials.

  • Strengthen Subcarrier internet/digital footprint.

  • Creation of marketing collaterals including sales video for pitch purposes.

  • Improve Subcarrier public appearances: interview opportunities, trade shows.

  • Reposition Subcarrier Communications in the public with regard to its competitors.

  • Creation of comprehensive marketing materials representing the Subcarrier brand.

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Web & Mobile




  • Logo redesign.

  • Advertising redesign.

  • Creation of corporate sales video to be used for trades shows and sales presentations.

  • Creation of marketing sales literature.

  • Creation of media buy/placement strategy.

  • Creation of trade show booth.

  • Media appearances.

  • Decreased media spend and increased digital footprint.

  • Preparation and mass release of company announcements to existing clients, business prospects and industry colleagues.  

  • Comprehensive website redesign and construction of high-functioning database.

  • SEO keywords optimization within the top 3 search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing.

  • Subcarrier acquisition of AC Site Management in Houston, Texas in July 2015.

  • Recruitment marketing resulting in top telecommunications industry executive veterans.

  • Expansion of Subcarrier Texas state operations.

  • Subcarrier acquisition of exclusive rooftop rights to Transco Tower, tallest skyscraper in the state of Indiana.

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