Papillon Montessori

Papillon Montessori is a community of educators, children, parents, and extended family members who are committed to the Montessori philosophy. As Dr. Maria Montessori, whose life work centered on the care and education of children, so eloquently said, "within the child lies the fate of the future."


Papillon Montessori, aims to facilitate the child's self-creation of the person he/she is to become. Founded in 1999 by Mrs. Damarys Corso, they share a common vision for our children and academic excellence goal for the City of Miami Beach. The center was founded to provide the best environment possible to enable academic, spiritual and social growth within their scholars.


Identity, Branding, Print, Digital & Web


Papillon Montessori



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  • Improve & rebrand aesthetic aspects of existing sales/marketing materials.

  • Strengthen Papillon Montessori internet/digital footprint.

  • Creation of marketing collaterals for recruitment purposes.

  • Improve Papillon recruitment practices. 

  • Reposition Papillon Montessori in the public with regard to its competitors.

  • Creation of comprehensive marketing materials representing the Papillon Montessori brand.

Key Messages

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Web & Mobile




  • ​Comprehensive website redesign.

  • Creation of branding style guide.

  • Provision of recruitment material to assist with future registrations. 

  • Creative direction and visual direction.

  • Copywriting services.

  • Increased digital footprint.

  • Preparation and mass release of company announcements to existing clients, business prospects and industry colleagues.  

Before vs. After

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Branding Guide Creation

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